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Today, I will face people, things, feelings and events that will make my selfish flesh feel uneasy, uncomfortable, afraid, angry,...

Redemptive Withdrawal

Review Of Redemptive Withdrawal Principle

God the Father withdrew His protective presence at Calvary (Matt 27:46) and delivered Jesus over (Rom 4:25; 8:32) to fallen...

Third Tree (The Cross Of Christ)

The Two Trees In The Garden And Then A Third Tree (The Cross Of Christ)

(Gen 2:8-9) 1.The Tree of Life is a Tree of Life, Light, Agape Love, Grace and Nonduality. John 1:4 followed...

Shocking Facts

Shocking Facts From Gospel Of John

Before Christ, the life and light of God were not in the world. John 1:4; Matt 4:16; Luke 1:79. Before...

God Is Never Violent

God Is Never Violent

God never has been and never will be violent! My definition of the word “violence” in this writing is as...

Excerpt From Old Book, The Cross And The Crown


Excerpt From Old Book – Embraced By The Cross

Two Edged Cross

The Cross Has Two Edges

The cross is a two-edged sword. It is both the: Anger/love Violence/peace Judgment/being judged throne/servanthood Law/grace Fury/forgiveness Wrath/mercy of God! Travis...


The Only Anger, Vengeance Or Judgment Of God Against Evil Is The Cross Of Christ

God’s anger gets vengeance against evil, judges it and destroys it at, and only at, the cross. Jesus died to...

Hung At Calvary

Satan Was Really The One Hung At Calvary – Josh 8

The Josh 8:29 reference to the hanging on a tree of the King of Ai then the removal of his...

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