Forrest Gump “Guile”

See Ps 32:2 on “guile.” “No guile” is to be a Forrest Gump-like person. Forrest is totally Christ-like in his approach to life and others.

Also see John 1:47. “Behold, an Israelite in whom there is no guile.” Also 2 Cor 11:3 Paul is afraid the Legalists will beguile the Corinthians and “corrupt” their “simplicity.” Satan is a deciever, liar and beguiler. Guile involves the manipulation by deception of people and getting them to do what you want but wearing a mask as to what one is really thinking and doing. A beguiler never lets anyone know his true motive toward them. He flatters, bribes, lies and deceives.

A person with absolutely no guile approaches life in exactly the same manner as Forrest Gump. Single, simple, sincere, unconditional, open, vulnerable, totally without guile. He is willing to be a lamb among wolves.

A guileless person seems to be a stupid fool to the world but he is only trusting in God, instead of self, for his salvation and control of others. A true gentleman who is always guileless and gives up control of others. He let’s them have their freedom! He does not threaten, coerce or force anyone to do anything. A guileless person has to some degree died to self. Guilelessness is the cross lifestyle. Again a Christ-like Forrest Gump.

Travis Bryan III

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