God Is Agape Love – 1 John 4:8

The cross solves the mystery of God that Jesus came to tell us about. John 4:18; 8:28. God is the self-sacrificial love of the cross. God is AGAPE (unconditional) LOVE. So what are the attitudes and actions of this nature of love that God is.

We find a profound list in 1 Cor 13:3-8. This list I have drawn from various old and new translations:

  • God is always patient;
  • God is always kind;
  • God is never envious or jealous;
  • God never boasts and is never proud or arrogant;
  • God is never self-seeking;
  • God is never easily angered;
  • God keeps no record of wrongs;
  • God never seeks His own rights;
  • God suffers and never delights in evil or when people undergo calamity, adversity or death;
  • God always bears with the sufferings of people and of nature;
  • God always trusts and always looks for the good in people;
  • God always hopes and confidently expects all things will turn out well in the end;
  • God always perseveres.

God’s love never fails. It will be there forever. God has faith, hope and love but His greatest attitude or action is agape!

Jesus gives us a list in Matt 5-7 of the inner attitudes of God’s love:

  • God is poor in the spirit or attitude of selfishness, self-promotion or self-exaltation ;
  • God is contrite and mourns over the sin and rebellious behavior in His creation;
  • God is meek and humble;
  • God hungers and thirsts for righteousness;
  • God still has joy even when He is reviled, persecuted and spoken evil of falsely;
  • God “resists not evil,” absorbs its blows, turns His other cheek and continues to bless His enemies; He never engages in “eye for eye” or “tooth for tooth” retaliation; Deut 28 is NOT who God is;
  • God always loves and never hates His enemies;
  • God prays for those who hate and despitefully use Him, “Forgive them. They know not what they do;”
  • God unconditionally makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good; sends rain on the just and the unjust; and is kind to the wicked and the good. Lk 6:35;
  • God never treats or accepts people according to their performance; He does however allow evil to self-destruct. Matt 5:43-48;
  • God is single, unconditional, pure and sincere, and is never split, dualistic or two-faced; Matt 6:22-24.

God gives each person complete freedom to believe into His unconditional love or reject it and walk away. To walk away and be separated from God’s Love is HELL.

In summary, God is agape (unconditional) love! If you want to see the perfect illustration of what this love looks like, look at the life of Jesus Christ. He is the exact image of His Father in heaven. Heb 1:3. He came to show and tell us of His Father’s character of agape love. John 14:6. If you have seen Him, you have seen His Father. He then demonstrated that perfect self-sacrificial love at Calvary.

The Spirit of God seeks to make you think and love like He does. Will you let Him or refuse and walk away? This rest of your life on earth and your eternity is found in your answer!

Perfect love casts out all fear of punishment! 1 John 4:16-19.

Travis Bryan III

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