God’s Only Wrath Is Satan – God Has No Other Wrath

Is 63: God’s vengeance against His enemies is the cross of Christ. He tramples on them by letting them trample on Him. He destroyed His enemy, death (Satan), by dying. Heb 2:14.

God’s only wrath is Satan’s wrath against Him. God’s act of vengeance against Satan was to turn the tables on Him at the cross. His vengeance is always to let His enemies destroy themselves by trying to destroy Him. His seeming defeat ends up being a victory. His enemies are seemingly victors but actually become the defeated.

God has no direct wrath against anyone. His wrath is always indirect: the wrath of His enemies against Him is turned back against them. This is like the martial arts. The force of the enemy is used to throw the enemy down. The victor generates no force (no wrath) of his own.

Therefore, Satan is always God’s wrath. God has no other wrath. He has no wrath of His own. Wrath is a sin. Gal 5:20. God is not sin.

This is how God can be unconditionally loving yet have a wrath at the same time.

God is love. God is not wrath. Satan’s wrath against Him at the cross is always God’s wrath.

God overcomes evil (wrath) with good (the agape love God demonstrated at the cross). Rom 12:21. God kills His enemies with kindness. Now, we are to overcome our enemies, evil and wrath, the same way, with good, unconditional love and taking up the cross daily.

Satan Is The Wrath Of God

Travis Bryan III

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