How Do We “Own” The Cross?

The way we “own” this verse (2 Cor 1:9) it is not by crucifying ourselves. This again would be a dead work of human effort and the result law-based thinking.

Here is how we “own” the cross as it works in our lives: when Satan and his minions bring the cross and its pain our way (thru loss, humiliation, disrespect, trampling on our rights, hurricane blows our house down, our own failure and misery growing directly out of our own sin, pain and suffering from any source, accident or drugs kill your child, you wife divorces you and takes all your wealth, doctor tells you have cancer etc ad infinitum), we take up this cross in faith.

When we walk out the door everyday, the world and Satan will bring the cross to us. We don’t have to go looking for it! What will we do with this pain when it comes to you? Do you absorb it and hold it within, embracing the cross, loving your enemies, realizing the value of suffering? Or do we lash back against it or the person causing it, or transmit it by projecting it onto other person(s), making that person(S) a scapegoat of blame for our pain, or pass our suffering on to our wives or children when we get home from work, etc? Which way do we view and handle our pain? That is the question always.

The question is not how do I get to Heaven. The question is always what do I do with my pain. Transformation (heaven now) only comes thru pain. Thru faith, God turns pain into healing, weakness into strength, cursing into blessing, brokenness into wholeness, and death into life! We should always faith thru these painful cross experiences instead.

The question is always, “What do I do with my pain?” Do I absorb it in faith or do I pass it back to the perpetrator or onto someone else? To absorb it and agape love our enemies is to “take up the cross.” This is God’s way. Luke 9:23-25. To retaliate against and scapegoat others is law, sin and the way of the imperial ego–the Self.

Salvation, sanctification and the cross taken up are always the bad things that happen to us responded to with faith. I am crucified with Christ . . . Gal 2:20. Paul learned to be grateful for and rejoice in these cross things. 2 Cor 12:7-end chapter.

Dying to self is not something we do! It is always the result of something bad that happens to us. Our part is to faith thru it with “the faith of Jesus Christ.” Gal 2:16. We don’t bring suffering on ourselves and we don’t escape from it ourselves either. Resurrection escape is not something we do.

God allows and never directly causes death, and He is the direct cause of resurrection from that death.

Travis Bryan III

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