In Christ There Is No Such Thing As Competition Or Coercion

  1. There is no competition in Christ.
  2. There is no trying to win, or causing others to lose in Christ.
  3. Winning is good in the Old Creation, just as Law of Moses is needed in the Old Creation. But in Christ, the new creation, it is all grace and the law of agape love only, not any longer Moses Law. It is no longer win/lose. It is win/win in the new creation kingdom of God. It’s longer law but grace in the new realm. Rom 6:14. In the new economy, you win even when you lose. You win when you win, too. You live when you die. The poor prosper. Luke 6. Only the weakened find true strength. 2 Cor 12:7-10.
  4. The American way is NOT the way of Christ as set forth in the Sermon on the Mount. Matt 5-7, Luke 6. America’s way is great and appropriate to the old creation and its politics but not to the kingdom of Christ. An American citizen who is alive and is a believer in Christ lives in both realms. He is in the new realm where there is no competition. But he still resides physically in America where competition and free enterprise capitalism are good. In America and other free countries, you get what you earn through competition. At the same time, as Christians in America, we never compete in spiritual matters. It is never “I think I am better (or worse) than him”, “she is bad, I am good”, my church or denomination is better than your church or denomination and on with “my race” or “my country” or “my theology” etc etc.
  5. My Dad taught me to always compete and be the winner in any situation. I had to unlearn this in spiritual matters as a resurrected new creature. I still do try to win in old creation in appropriate areas like winning a court case, being a judge or in developing wealth stugglednto learn to let all of it go in my Christian walk and relationships. I try not judge others when off the bench. When in conflict, I try to take up the new creation mindset.
  6. The Democrat Party believes that government should take money from the rich and give it to the poor. The new creation person believes the rich should give to and elevate the poor and that government is not everybody’s god. Kingdom thinking people should give to the poor out of their own loving free will and not because of government coercion or threat of punishment. Yes, we should render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s but Caesar should never be overly confiscatory and exceed its basic needs. Yes, Caesar should help those who can’t help themselves but not those who can. Christian people should do much of what government forces its citizens to do today.

Travis Bryan III

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