Shocking Facts From Gospel Of John

  1. Before Christ, the life and light of God were not in the world. John 1:4; Matt 4:16; Luke 1:79. Before Him, the whole world lay in darkness awaiting His advent.
  2. Before Him, grace and truth (the reality of God) were not in the world. Moses’ Law did NOT contain the grace, truth or reality of God. John 1:17.
  3. In spite of Old Testament statements to the contrary (Ex 33:11), no one had ever before seen the true God or known God’s real character prior to Jesus. Jesus came to tell us for the first time about His Father. John 1:18. Jesus came to tell us, for the first time, what God’s true character, words and thoughts are.
  4. Jesus disclosed to us a character of God radically different from the angry, vengeful, vindictive, retaliatory, jealous, murderous God of the Old Testament. Jesus describes His Father as the only true God, a God who loves and does not kill His enemies. Matt 5:38-48; all of John 8. A God who prays for those killing Him, “Father, forgive them. They know not what they do.”
  5. Jesus stated over and over in John that His Father is no different from Him, that He and His Father are one, that He is in His Father and His Father is in Him and that if you have seen Him you have seen His Father. All of John 5; John 5:37, John 14:6-9; John 7:28-29. This fact clearly refutes a belief that many Christians have today that God’s character is somehow different from that of His Son, that God is an angry and vengeful God that had to be appeased by our loving Savior’s death. John puts this lie down completely.
  6. Jesus tells the Jews that the Old Testament God they worship is actually the Devil and this is why they want to kill Him and do not love Him. John 8:19, 33-45. He tells them, “Your father is the devil!”
  7. Jesus repeatedly refuses to identify Himself or His Father with the Law of Moses referring to the Law as “your law” or “their law,” referring to it as the Jews’ Law. John 15:25; 8:17; 10:34. He never says “my Law” or “my Father’s Law.” When put to the test, He declines to follow Moses’ Law and condemn the woman caught in adultery in John 8:1-10. In John 5:45, Jesus states to the Jews, “Do not think that I will accuse you to the Father: there is one that accuseth you, even Moses, in whom ye trust.” Note here, the word “devil” literally means “accuser.” Moses, Moses’ Law, the accusers of the woman and Satan all go together.
  8. John uses the term “the only true God” to describe Jesus’ Father thereby implying that the God of the Jews is not the true God. John 17:3. John writes that Jesus coming down to us from heaven is the “true” bread from heaven and that the bread or manna from heaven given to Moses by angels is not true bread. John 6:30-35.
  9. John writes that Jesus is the God of life while Satan is the god of death and destruction. John 10:10; 8:44.
  10. After reading Gospel of John, one must draw the final conclusion that God does not ever judge, accuse, condemn, destroy or kill. God is not the god of Moses’ Law. The only true God is the God of agape love, grace, peace, mercy and forgiveness. He is exactly like His Son in character! Shockingly loving! Heb 1:3; 1 John 4:8.
  11. Finally, Jesus states that eternal life is believing in the character of “the only true God.” John 17:3.
  12. Sadly, many Christians today have been deceived into actually worshipping Satan and not “the only true God.” They think God is the angry, vindictive, retaliatory, murderous, Law-giving God of the Old Testament. They think He is some kind of judge or cop in the sky eager to zap them for a sinful act or habit.

Travis Bryan III

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