The False Hope Of The Rapture

“One day is as a thousand years”. 2 Pet 3:8. There were 3 days in the death burial and resurrection of Christ. Hence, by the 1 is 1000 principle, Christ is coming back 2000 years after the day of His death. This will leave the 1000 year millennium yet to come for a final total of 3 days or 3000 years. If Christ was born in the year Zero and died 33 1/2 years later, Christ will come back in or around the year 2033. There is still much debate about the year of His birth however. Some put it as early as 6 BC and others as late as 6 AD.

In any event, 2 days is “shortly.” 2 days means 2000 years.

This is supported by Joshua 3:4 where the Israelites were told to stay 2000 cubits behind the ark as they CROSSED Jordan. Passing over Jordan signifies the death and resurrection of the believer.

Further support is found in Acts 1:11-12 where the disciples are told to return to Jerusalem which is from Mt Olivet, where Jesus will touchdown on His return, “a Sabbath Day’s journey.” A Sabbath day’s journey is 2000 cubits. 2000 cubits here signifies 2000 years. A cubit is the unit for measuring the growth into maturity of the new man. See Matt 6:27 in conjunction with Eph 4:13.

In summary, “shortly” means 2000 years and culminates on or about the year 2033!

Travis Bryan III

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