The Wrath Of God Is His Redemptive Withdrawal Of Protection And Allowing Satan To Attack As God Did At The Cross

God’s wrath happens when He removes his protective hedge and allows Satan to attack someone. Many times, God will put limits on Satan’s wrathful attack. This wrath is mentioned in Rom 1 (and happens today) when God “gave them over to” or “gave them up to” their own sinful desires, habits or path. See Romans 1:24, 26 and 28.

Satan personifies the wrath, anger, fury of God. When God removes His protective hands, Satan will go in and always do what he is already bent on doing, steal, kill, destroy and bring wrath. God takes the blame for this just as He took the blame for all the wrath Satan perpetrated on Job. See the entire book of Job especially chapters 1 and 2. God’s wrath happens when He removes His protective hedge from around someone as He did His Son Jesus at Calvary. Jesus took the punishing the wrath of God (administered by Satan) for us.

The removal or withdrawal of God’s protective presence is biblically termed as God “sending” wrath, “permitting” wrath, “giving one over” to wrath, and also God “hiding His face” when the wrath is allowed to come upon someone.

The wrath and anger of God in 2 Sam 24:1 is actually later revealed to the writer of 1 Chron 21:1 to have been Satan. Compare these two verses side by side to see what I am stating here. These two verses describe the same event. The first one makes it look like God did the wrath. The second clarifies that Satan is the actual culprit bringing wrath in both verses.

The wrath and plagues against Egypt that God “sent” in Ps 78:49 KJV was actually “evil angels.” Satan and his Evil Angels, the fallen angels who followed Satan in the rebellion, are always the wrath of God. God has no wrath of His own.

See also Rev 12:12. Satan comes down to earth “with great wrath.” Satan is always the wrath of God. God generates no wrath of his own.

Wrath never originates in God. WRATH IS A SIN! See Gal 5:20; Eph 4:31; and Col 3:8. God does not commit the sin of wrath. God has no wrath of His own. He does make use of the fiery wrath of Satan however. See the fiery wrath of Nebuchadnezzar, a type of Satan, in Dan 3, a fury that destroyed by fire the unbeliever “men of valor,” yet saved, freed, brought promotion and prosperity to Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. We, like the three, are saved “thru” or “by the fire.” 1 Cor 3:11-15. Unbelievers are destroyed by the wrath of God, Satan.

God removing His protective hedge and letting His wrath, Satan, have his way is seen in the parable at Is 5:1-7. People are allowed to experience the negative circumstances of the own hardened hearts. This is also the wrath of Romans 1:24,26 and 28.

“Will you hide Yourself forever? How long will Your wrath burn like fire?” Ps 89:46. Notice here God hiding His face is the same as when He withdraws His protective hedge.

Who can dwell with the everlasting burnings (of wrath)? Is 33:10-end chapter. The righteous believer can but the unrighteousness unbeliever cannot.

Travis Bryan III

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