What Throne Are You Seeking In Life?

“One on the right hand, and the other on the left.”

This exact wording is found in two places: Mark 10:37 where his disciples want to sit with Him on the throne of glory. Arrogance!

The other ( Luke 23:33) describes the two thieves position next to Him as He is crucified.

Love the KJB because this is a clue where exact same wording is used.

Bottom line we are all thieves and the only throne of glory for anyone is the throne of the cross. A paradoxical and counter intuitive throne where the lamb stands as He had been slaughtered. Rev 5:6. We are the thieves who have the privilege of sitting next to him on His throne, “one on the right hand, and the other on the left!!”

His throne, the cross, had a purple robe of majesty, a crown, a seat, a footstool, a title above His head and a place of elevation above others. What a privilege to be seated next to Him at the only real throne of life. A throne of humility!

Travis Bryan III

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